It's been proven many times ...

Boaters like seeing everyone in one place.

BoatShow.US offers a unique online venue where boaters can easily browse through hundreds of companies dedicated to their boating lifestyle, just as they enjoy doing at a traditional boat show.

Direct to YOUR website

Most websites want the user to stay on their site. We want boaters to go to your site where you can introduce them to your brand as soon as possible. Your brand sets you apart. Get their attention and then get them in the door ASAP.

Low Maintenance

Just one image and minimal text linking straight to your website ... eliminating the need to maintain separate product listings on remote sites.

Minimal Clutter

Our goal is to fund the site with exhibitor displays only, allowing for larger displays and less clutter.

One Size - One Price

No "banners", no "leaderboards", no "skyscrapers", no preferred placement. Displays are one size and shuffled every hour.

Low Cost

$49.00 paid monthly OR

$490.00 paid annually

~ First 100 Exhibitors - 2020 No cost ~


No Credit Card Required.

One image (1500px x 600px), logo, short description,
and YouTube link. That's it.

To approve and edit an existing display please register
with the same URL linked to the display.

Please register our company at BoatShow.US.

We understand we can input an image, text, logo, and video link by logging in at any time, or by email. If we do not send you a photo, logo, and text you can use items from our website to create our initial display. We understand we can cancel at any time with no obligation.